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Thank you so much for sharing your news with us and keeping in contact with your community! You are welcome to share your information here or contact Sara Spada, the old-fashioned way at [email protected]
Please keep in mind that most ongoing news will be communicated online on a weekly to biweekly basis, dependent on volume of information and a paper newsletter will be shared on a bimonthly basis after each Community meeting. So, if you want something within the paper newsletter check the calendar to see when the next newsletter will be coming out!
If there is something of an emergency nature that needs to be communicated, please contact Sara Spada or a JRRATS member directly!
OH YES - if you have any images or attachments that you would like to add please email them separately to [email protected]
All the best -

Please indicate if this news is intended as a need to know or nice to know and where you would like it represented. Any news that needs to be posted sooner than 2days please contact Sara Spada directly at: jrratsnews"

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