Community Hall Contract Proposal – Editorial

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  • March 27, 2013
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For those community members that may not have heard of this discussion prior to now; this editorial ( notes from the executive ) is in regards to the contract proposal / changes to how the Joe Rich Hall is administrated and managed. The contract that we are currently operating under is actually one from past years that we have been rolling over based on length of negotiations with the RDCO and is greatly in need of refreshing.

We, the Executive Committee, recently had a special meeting to discuss these options and to determine what will be in the best interest of the community. Apart from specific conversation around the contract for the Community Hall we all strongly believe that transparency and inclusion of our community in any ( the community’s ) decision making process is vital, moving forward, if we want to build a stronger connection & participation from community members in these decisions.

Three areas have been addressed in the new contract options:

– Reduce the amount of administration overhead and Parks Salaries
– Reduce the amount of reporting requirements
– Remove outdoor maintenance and ice rink maintenance responsibilities

These changes are present in both options presented below:

JRRATS Responsible for Capital Projects RDCO Responsible for Capital Projects
Contract Amount $21,500 +1% annual increase $10,000 + 1% annual increase
Payment Structure Monthly Payments of $1791.67 Quarterly Payments of $2500.00
This contract is for maintaining and operating the Joe Rich COmmunity Hall. it is also for Capital Projects as well.JRRATS will have the responsibility to identify capital project requirements for the hall, prioritize these projects based on urgency and financial feasability with the RDCO and manage the projects entirely.Awarding of the contracts for work on the hall will required RDCO approval and be based on contractor’s capacity to do the project, examples of workmanship and cost. This contract is only for maintaining and operating the Joe Rich Community Hall.Annual minor maintenance costs are limited to $500.00 per year for items such as lightbulbs, small repairs, etc


Following are the thoughts and opinions of the Executive Committee.

We encourage anyone in the community that’s interested in adding their views to the discussion to attend the community meeting on Wednesday, April 3 at 730pm.

Key points to note are that:

  • we intend to hire the services of a bookkeeper to assist in managing additional accounting with a new contract in which we manage capital projects
  • As well, the idea was put forward ( and well received ) to form a committee of additional community members to assist in the decision making and strategic planning of any projects
  • If you know of anyone in the community that offers bookkeeping services and / or would like to sit on a committee with interest or experience in project mgmt, etc please let us know! You can tell us when you come to the meeting!
– The regional district has presented 2 options for us regarding the Joe Rich hall contract… I am personally in favor of option ONE
I like this option because it keeps the community with control of the hall and its required updates…
We have been doing a great job, much thanks to Marilyn, managing hall upgrades, and I would like to continue doing so.
I do strongly suggest that we form a committee to handle capital projects… This way more people get involved and all the responsibilities don’t fall onto one person. Kristi Smith Vice President JRRATS


– In my view this new contract proposal will bring the Joe Rich Community Hall in line with how similar facilities in the Communities of Ellison and North Westside operate. Yes, this will bring more responsibility for JRRATS to manage funding for capital improvements, untility costs, etc., however, it will bring those decisions to a community level which I believe will increase efficiency. With the pending signing of this new contract arrangment with RDCO, I think it was wise of the JRRATS executive to consider looking for a local bookkeeper. Overall, I have no concerns on this issue since the JRRATS have been doing much of the same functions in an informal way so I believe there will be a smooth transition to the “lease” style contract. Responsibility for the ice rink and yard maintenance has been removed from the proposed contract as this “lease” agreement is onlyfor the Community Hall. As a result, JRRATS will not need to hold liability insurance for the rink. The ice rink (with insurance) and yard maintenance will become the responsibilty of RDCO and funded from the Eastside Parks budget. RDCO has assured this asset will continue to be considered an Eastside “community park” not an RDCO “regional park”. I have no particular opion of this because I am not one of the people who has been responsible for the operation of the rink in the past. I do understand that there are concerns raised by some residents in the community about security and access, and to date I beleive those concerns remain unresolved. Morena Taylor Secretary JRRATS


– After considering both options offered by regional district regarding the hall contract, I fell that option ONE would better serve the community and would be easier to manage. I also agree that a committee should be formed to coordinate any capital projects. If regional district has control over capital projects, I feel that time delays and approvals and administration issues would inhibit those projects. Len Smith Director JRRATS


– I feel that the best use of our tax dollars is to keep the contract for the hall in the hands of the JRRATS and the community. We can plan for the improvements, operation and maintenance of the hall with less administrative overhead. So I favor the first option in the purposed contract. Geoff Holman Director JRRATS
-In terms of the contract options, I would agree that I prefer Option 1 in the long haul though I would suggest that we establish a strategic planning / capital projects committee to manage this… not to supercede Marilyn’s or anyones investments to date but to begin involving more of our community, improve tranpserancy to executive decisions and establish a better cross section of our community within the committee. My hope would be that we could ensure that the committee would draw on a broad geographical and positional demographic within Joe Rich. Sara Spada Director & News Editor JRRATS

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